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Bicolor Blenny
(Ecsenius bicolor)
Black Sailfin Blenny
(Atrosalarias fuscus)
Canary Blenny
(Meiacanthus oualanensis)
Flametail Blenny
(Atrosalarias sp.)
Lawnmower Blenny
(Salarias fasciatus)
Midas Blenny
(Ecsenius midas)
Red Scooter Blenny
(Synchiropus stellatus)
Red Spotted Blenny
(Istiblennius chrysospilos)
Scooter Blenny
(Synchiropus ocellatus)
Starry Blenny
(Salarias ramosus)
Striped Blenny
(Meiacanthus grammistes)
Tailspot Blenny
(Ecsenius stigmatura)