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Bluespotted Jawfish
(Opistognathus rosenblatti)
Bullet Goby
(Amblygobius phalaena)
Gold Head Sleeper Goby
(Valencienna strigata)
Green Mandarinfish
(Synchiropus splendidus)
Greenbanded Goby
(Elacatinus multifasciatum)
Hector's Goby
(Amblygobius hectori)
Hi Fin Red Banded Goby
(Stonogobiops nematodes)
Hi Fin Red Banded Goby Paired with Red Banded Pistol Shrimp
Orange Spot Diamond Goby
(Valencienna puellaris)
Orange Spotted Goby
(Amblyeleotris guttata)
Orangemarked Goby
(Amblygobius decussatus)
Pearly Jawfish
(Opistognathus aurifrons)
Pink Spotted Shrimp Goby
(Cryptocentrus leptocephalus)
Pinkbar Goby
(Amblyeleotris aurora)
Psychedelic Mandarinfish
(Synchiropus picturatus)
Rainfords Goby
(Amblygobius rainfordi)
Randall's Goby
(Amblyeleotris randalli)
Red Head Goby
(Elacatinus puncticulatus)
Signal Goby
(Signigobius biocellatus)
Tangaroa Goby
(Ctenogobiops tangaroai)
Wheeler's Watchman Goby
(Amblyeleotris wheeleri)
Yasha Shrimp Goby
(Stonogobiops yasha)
Yasha Shrimp Goby Paired     with Red Banded Pistol Shrimp
Yellow Watchman Goby
(Cryptocentrus cinctus)