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Please note, this page on custom stands and canopies is for informational purposes only. There are no product options to choose as there are infinite number of options.

Vivid Aquariums has been working with the same aquarium cabinet maker for over a decade and can have your aquarium cabinetry customized to match your specific style.

Aquarium Stands: 
Our aquarium stands are built strong to easily support the weight of the aquarium. We  know the importance of providing easy access to the filtration equipment. Most of our stands have a removable top making it easy to lower in a large sump before the aquarium is setup. We can also have extra doors on the ends of the stand to allow for ever easier access. We recommend a stand height of 36" to allow proper space for the filtration and plumbing. 

Please note: it is not advisable to house aquarium chillers within any aquarium stand unless it is very well ventilated with fans.

We offer two types of aquarium canopies:
Aquarium canopies will focus the light into the aquarium and will frame it beautifully. Canopies also help to prevent fish from jumping out of the aquarium.

1) Flip Front Canopy: This style of canopy is usually 12" - 14" tall. The front 6"-8" of the canopy will fully open and rest on top of itself providing for easy access to the aquarium.

2) Cabinet Style Canopy: (As pictured) These canopies are usually 20" - 24" tall. They have doors on the front to provide easy access to the aquarium.

Cabinetry Styles & Colors:
We can customize your cabinetry to match your style and can even have it stained to your color of choice. We can build everything from sleek contemporary cabinetry to more classic styled cabinetry with raised panel doors and crown moulding. Please provide us with pictures of the style and color you prefer.

Wood Type: We can make stands from pine, oak, maple, alder, mahogany, walnut, teak, and most any other sturdy wood that is available. If you want to match existing cabinetry let us know what type of wood you have or send pictures so we can identify it.

Shipping: Aquarium Cabinetry is available for pickup at our store in Canoga Park, or for delivery within the Los Angeles area. It is expensive to properly crate and freight aquarium cabinetry often making it more cost effective to source it locally than ship it cross-country

How to get a quote: If you serious about purchasing an aquarium stand and/or canopy, please e-mail us pictures of the style you would like and we will get back to you within 5 business days. Feel free to call to discuss the options.