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View all saltwater fish under $30. We have high-quality saltwater fish for every budget.
Everyday low prices. If we do not have the best deal on the web, give us a chance to price match. All saltwater fish are hand-selected, and we will pack your saltwater fish with care, expertise, and confidence. Our job is to deliver high quality saltwater fish to your door, because we want your repeat business.
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Tobacco Basslett
(Serranus tabacarius)
Tomato Clownfish
(Amphiprion frenatus)
Tricolor Fairy Wrasse
(Cirrhilabrus lubbocki)
Two Stripe Damsel
(Dascyllus reticulatus)
Wheeler's Watchman Goby
(Amblyeleotris wheeleri)
Yellow Watchman Goby
(Cryptocentrus cinctus)
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