50mm Skimmer Output Vent
Coral Vue
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  • Notes

    • Quiets the Output
    • Directs the Water Downward
    • Vents Outgoing Water

    This Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer Accessory provides a solution to splashing, noise and the mess. These vented outputs allow the water to quietly travel down to the water surface without any effects to the skimmers performance.

    Fits the Following 8",10" and 12" Reef Octopus Skimmers: SRO3000(int, ext, sss), XP3000(int, ext, sss),SRO5000(int,ext, sss), XP5000(int,ext, sss), SRO6000(ext, sss), NWB200, NWB250, DNWB200, DNWB250, XS200, XS250, XS350
  • Item Description Price Quantity
    50mm Skimmer Output Vent$66.95