Vanuatu Live Rock
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    Feel free to request shapes and sizes of rocks by email or phone before we ship. We can select nano sized rocks for smaller aquariums and larger pieces for larger aquariums. Just let us know what you prefer. We fill every box with hand-picked pieces. No unacceptably small or broken pieces are put in your box. Each box comes with rocks of various sizes - most rocks are from 5"-15".

    We sell both pre-cured and fully cured Vanuatu live rock. 

    Pre-cured live rock is available at a lower cost due to reduced handling time. Vanuatu Live Rock is pre-cured in Vanuatu for 1 week by placing it on shelves and spraying it with saltwater. This method of pre-curing helps to eliminate undesireable critters such as mantis shrimp and bristle worms.

    Although pre-cured live rock is kept in curing tubs at Vivid Aquariums prior to shipping it is by no means fully cured. Significant additional die-off will occur during shipping therefore it is imperative that you fully cure this live rock for a period of 2-4 weeks. The water in your the live rock curing bin should be clear and Nitrates should be below 30 ppm before you add the new rock to your display tank.

    If setting up a new aquarium you may rinse your pre-cured live rock in a bucket of saltwater and place it directly into the display tank. It will help to cycle the aquarium as it cures. Do not place uncured rock into an aquarium with fish or coral.

    Fully cured live rock is rock that has been thoroughly rinsed and cured in our curing bins, and has been submersed in our established reef system for more than two weeks after curing. It is not necessary that you cure our fully cured rock, however you must dip it and rinse it in a bucket of saltwater before placing it in your display aquarium.

    Helpful Hint
    One issue we must note regards Coralline encrusted live rock that is often offered for sale. Please be aware that most freshly imported live rock will arrive in the U.S. with beautiful purple, pink, and green coraline algae covering it. Unfortunately, the majority of this brillantly colored algae will not survive the curing process. The rock may arrive at your door with beautiful colors, but when you pull it out of your curing bin you will find that it has lost much of its color. Therefore, we recommend buying live rock based on the unique shape of a specific type of rock and on price rather than paying extra for coralline encrusted rock which may not retain its color long enough for you to enjoy it. Our fully cured rock has moderate coralline algae growth which has survived the curing process.

    Water Chemistry:
    When you maintain proper calcium (420-440 ppm), alkalinity (8-9.5 dkh) , and magnesium levels (1260-1350 ppm) you will begin to see beautiful coralline algae encrusting over your live rock. It can take a year or more for your rocks to become fully encrusted in coralline algae. If these conditions are not maintained, any existing coraline algae will eventually lose its color.

    Vivid Aquariums uses and recommends dosing pumps to automate the dosing of additives and keep your levels more constant. A dosing pump can alleviate the chore of manually dosing your aquarium with Ca, Alk, & Mg 2,3, or 4 times per week and will benefit your aquarium by keeping your levels constant through frequent small additions of Ca, Alk, & Mg. Our tanks all progressed when we switched from 3 manual dosings per week to 70 automatic dosings per week and we got a lot more work done.

    SHIPPING: To calculate shipping costs simply add the live rock to the shopping cart and begin the checkout, enter your zip code and click Get Shipping. The website will give you your shipping options.
  • Item Description Price Quantity
    Vanuatu Live Rock
    15 lbs pre-cured @ $6.29 per lb.

    Vanuatu Live Rock
    15 lbs fully cured @ $6.79 per lb

    Vanuatu Live Rock
    25 lbs pre-cured @ $6.09 per lb.

    Vanuatu Live Rock
    25 lbs fully cured @ $6.49 per lb.

    Vanuatu Live Rock
    35 lbs pre-cured @ $5.99 per lb.

    Vanuatu Live Rock
    35 lbs fully cured @ $6.39 per lb.