Aquarium Corals
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  • Notes

    • A world-class collection of corals, coral facts, & coral keeping advice
    • Includes 700+ full-color photographs
    • Discusses the natural history of corals, coral husbandry, coral diseases & predators
    • Provides more than 780 listings of genera & species including: stony corals, soft corals, zoanthids, gorgonians, fire corals, & more
    • Chapters include: Reef Worlds, Anatomy Lessons, Zooxanthellae, Foods & Feeding, Secret Lives, Classification, The Corals, Husbandry, Water Chemistry, Care & Handling, Coral Health, & Conservation.
    • This is a great reference book for the beginner to advanced hobbyist.
    • 464 pages, © 2001, paperback or hardcover
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    Aquarium Corals
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