Blue & White Filter Pad
Aqua Euro
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  • Notes

    • This is great filter pad! We use it ourselves.
    • It is sold by the square foot, and comes in rolls 2 feet wide.
    • You can purchase 4 sq. ft. (2’ X 2’ piece), 6 sq. ft. (3’ X 2’ piece) etc- just like fabric.
    • Cut it into any shape you need.
    • Works well with wet/dry filters, Bio-fil sumps, uni-aquariums, and most any filter where filter pad is needed.
    • Thickness is approximately ¾” when dry.
    • Blue & White filter pad should be cleaned under a sink and wrung out once every 1-2 weeks, depending on how dirty the aquarium is.
    • If you want denser filter pad try using multiple layers of this Blue & White filter pad.
    • When using multiple layers the largest, most clogging debris, is trapped on the top filter pad.
    • You can rinse only the top layer of filter pad every other time and leave the bottom layer of filter pad, which will not be nearly as dirty, in place.
    • Blue & White filter pad can usually be rinsed and re-used for 2-5 months depending on usage.
    • Best part: It is easy to rinse out!
  • Item Description Price Quantity
    Blue & White Filter Pad
    4 sq. ft.
    $9.49 Pre-Order

    Blue & White Filter Pad
    6 sq. ft.

    Blue & White Filter Pad
    10 sq. ft.