Coral Vital
Marc Weiss
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  • Notes

    • Enhances and accelerates growth and survival of hard and soft corals, coraline algaes, anemones, sea mushrooms and sponges. Coral Vital can significantly increase acclimation response and survival of hard to keep organisms such as flower corals; Goniopora.
    • Puts photosynthetic organisms into overdrive, causing them to eat more, grow faster and utilize light and nutrients more efficiently.
    • Promotes coral polyp regeneration and reproduction; aids damaged corals. Accelerates growth of frags and adhesion to substrate.
    • Discourages Cryptocaryon (Saltwater Ich) from adhering to fishes skin by stimulation of immune cell response. Probiotic effect with polar attraction of immune enhancers to skin of aquarium inhabitants.
    • Enhances ability of microbes and photosynthetic cells to break down ammonia, nitrite and nitrates. Enhances utilization of organic wastes to create an ongoing cycle. Helps keep biofilters cleaner and aids in preventing media from clogging.
    • With continued use colorful coraline algae growth can pile up and overtake hair, green, brown, blue, and red algaes such as slime and bubble algaes.
    • Not a trace element replacement, algaecide, fertilizer or medicament. Makes necessary trace elements more bioavailable to aquatic life. Makes inorganic mixes of trace element salts bioavailable as marine life needs it.
    • Increase dosage to cycle new aquariums, acclimate new fishes, corals and marine life and enhance their reproduction.
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    Coral Vital
    6 oz.

    Coral Vital
    16 oz.