Coral Vital LSB
Marc Weiss
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  • Notes

    • Coral Vital LSB will primarily impact on the non-photosynthetic, detritus consuming, organisms while Coral Vital and Reef Vital DNA are primarily skewed towards the photosynthetic organisms such as corals and coraline algae.
    • The LSB formulation is designed to adhere to the substrate including live and base rock making it more receptive to colonization by nitrifying bacteria.
    • Coral Vital LSB puts detritus consuming organisms into overdrive! Energizes non-photosynthetic micro-fauna and micro-flora.
    • Coral Vital LSB, when used with properly designed aragonite sand beds, can expedite the absorption of trace elements from the sandbed.
    • Conservatively stocked aquaria may not even need supplementation of calcium, magnesium, strontium, iodine, boron etc. at all.
    • Keeps pore structure of live rock open while destroying ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.
    • LSB helps keep bio-filters cleaner, and helps to prevent filter media from clogging.
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    Coral Vital LSB

    Coral Vital LSB