Hydor Koralia Nano Evolution
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    The new and improved Koralia Nanos now come in 2 models, 240 gph and 425 gph, but remain super compact and efficient.  The magnet suction support and sphere joint have been strengthend and modified allowing better flow direction.  Both models can be safely run on a timer.  Just choose which model is best suited for your aquarium and watch your creatures benefit from the flow of this super efficient little powerhead.

    Are the Koralia Nanos safe for use on wavemakers?

    Yes.  Like the Koralia Evolutions and Magnums, the Koralia Nano 240 and 425 are designed to handle operation on wavemakers and timers.

    Is it normal to hear a click when the Koralia Evolution starts-up?

    Yes.  You may hear a slight clicking sound when the Koralia Evolution starts-up.  This is caused by the impeller resetting itself by hitting the rubber bumper on the inside of the front cover.  Removal of the bumper will prevent this noise but, without the bumper the Koralia Evolution can run in reverse.

    Hydor Koralia Nano Evolution Flow Rate
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    Hydor Koralia Nano Evolution
    240 gph

    Hydor Koralia Nano Evolution
    425 gph