Hydor Koralia Evolution
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    Finally a compact, energy saving controllable pump with amazing, never before seen performance! Even the exclusive magnet suction-cup support has been improved with vibration reduction technology. Find the model that best suits your needs, position it, plug it into a timer or directly into your electrical supply and watch your aquarium benefit from the powerful yet gentle flow.

    How do I clean my Koralia Evolution powerhead?

    Routine cleaning is critical in maintaining the peak performance of the Koralia Evolution Powerhead.  It is recommended that you clean your Koralia Evolution powerheads at least once a month as part of your routine maintenance. Hydor Magi-Klean can be used to aid in the cleaning process.

    1. Unplug the powerhead and remove it from the aquarium.
    1. Remove the front cover and the impeller assembly from the motor.
    2. Clean the motor chamber and front cover.
    3. Make sure the front cover and the black bumper on the inside of the front cover are undamaged.
    4. Completely disassemble the impeller assembly.  There are three parts to the impeller, the blade cap, the wing with the bushing and the magnetic shaft.  A picture is available in the Koralia Evolution product page.  Make sure to clean each part individually.
    5. Reassemble the impeller.  Make sure that the blade cap snaps into place and is pushed down completely.
    6. Reinstall the impeller assembly.
    7. Reinstall the front cover.  The grill grating should be centered over the impeller.
    8. Reinstall the unit into the aquarium and plug it back in.

    Are the Koralia Evolution pumps safe on wavemakers and timers?

    Yes.  The Koralia Evolutions are designed for use on wavemakers.

    Why is my Koralia Evolution running in reverse?

    There are several possible causes of reversal in the Koralia Evolution.

    1. The bushing that sits inside the black wing of the impeller may have slipped down.  If this has occured, simply push the bushing back into place.  You can also contact Hydor USA Customer Service and request an upgraded bushing that snaps into place, preventing slippage.
    2. The front cover maybe damaged.  If your cover is damaged, you can contact Hydor USA Customer Service and request a new cover.
    3. The rubber bumper on the inside of the front cover maybe missing or damaged.  Hydor USA Customer Service can supply you with replacement parts.

    If you cannot diagnose the cause on your own, feel free to contact Hydor USA Customer Service for assistance.

  • Item Description Price Quantity
    Hydor Koralia Evolution
    600 gph
    600 gph / 4.5 watts

    Hydor Koralia Evolution
    850 gph
    850 gph / 3.5" L x 2.75" D / 4.5 watts

    Hydor Koralia Evolution
    1150 gph
    1150 gph / 3.5" L x 2.75" D / 5 watts

    Hydor Koralia Evolution
    1500 gph
    1500 gph / Dimensions 3.5" L X 2.75" W / 6 watts