Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Fixture
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    We’ve always believed aquarium lighting should be simple and modular, the new Panorama Pro Fixture is no exception. It’s simply the most flexible, elegant aquarium lighting fixture ever designed. Sleeker, brighter and lighter, you can adjust it to almost any color spectrum or brightness you desire. And now with four mounting options, installation has never been faster, while still maintaining easy access to your aquarium with our patented hinged mounting systems.

    Powered by three Panorama Pro modules in the 18" fixture and five Panorama Pro modules in the 24" fixture, you’ll never need to worry about light again. Each 16-watt module produces an amazing amount of light, dazzling shimmer and stunning color rendition. The low profile design passively dissipates heat away from your aquarium without sacrificing efficiency or life expectancy. The modules are fully encapsulated to protect against the elements while operating on low voltage – keeping things safe for you and eliminating harmful stray voltage.

    Modular meet adjustable
    So what’s adjustable? Just about everything: Intensity, penetration, brightness, color and position are all completely configurable. Inline dimmers allow you to independently control intensity of the white and blue LEDs, and fine-tuning of the color temperature. The LED modules can be moved from left-to-right, providing an adjustable spread for any aquascape. With the modular design you can install additional Panorama Pro Modules or Stunner LED strips to add some Magenta or a RGB module for full spectrum. Our patented hinged mounting system allows you to position the fixture exactly where you want it, while still providing easy access for maintenance.

    • Input Voltage: 100-220VAC 
    • Frequency: 50/60Hz 
    • Output Voltage: 24V DC 
    • Spectrum Appearance: 14,000K (at full power) 
    • Cooling Fans 0 
    • dB Noise Level 0 
    • Heat transfer to aquarium 0 

    For 18":
    • Dimensions: 18" x 15" x 1.5" Tall 
    • Weight: 4 lbs. 
    • Total Watts: 48 watts 

    For 24":
    • Dimensions: 24" x 15" x 1.5" Tall 
    • Weight: 7.4 lbs. 
    • Total Watts: 80watts
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    Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Fixture
    18" Fixture

    Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Fixture
    24" Fixture