Bacter Vital
Marc Weiss
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  • Notes

    The modern solution to fully cycle a new aquarium, and to energize and recycle an established aquarium.

    Allows immediate adaptation of aquatic life to new systems.

    All natural biological catalysts with over 600 species of microorganisms.

    Makes water, filter media, and substrate receptive to colonization.

    Not exclusively Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas dependent; also contains many other beneficial organisms missing from other products.

    Utilizes a multifaceted approach to nitrification/denitrification.

    Properly cycles aquariums by synchronizing the sulfur, phosphorous, and carbon cycles WITH the nitrogen cycle as per modern scientific findings.

    Probiotic effect: allows beneficial microbes to compete with and crowd out disease organisms such as saltwater ich, Amyloodinium, Aeromonas, Psuedomonas and Vibrio.

    Naturally breaks down solid and soluble wastes, leftover food, and decaying plant and animal matter.

    Keeps aquarium decorations and accessories cleaner.

    Provides fishes and invertebrates a natural slime shield derived from marine sources.

    Neutralizes ammonia & nitrites.

    Initializes and supports denitrification.

    Interrupts ability of nuisance algae to nourish themselves.

    Can be used with Coral Vital and Coral Vital LSB to create an ongoing cycle.
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    Bacter Vital
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