Sea Swirl Wavemaker
Aquarium Currents
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  • Notes

    Oscillates the return from your existing pump or canister filter 90 degrees every 60 secs.

    Operates with any pressure.

    Improved circulation - stimulates growth and carries nutrients to corals and plants.

    Eliminates use of powerheads

    Sits on top frame of tank - built in bracket to fit all aquariums.

    Compact (5" x 7" x 2½")

    Energy efficient (4W) motor is UL Listed and CSA Certified

    Manufactered by Aquarium Currents Inc.

  • Item Description Price Quantity
    Sea Swirl Wavemaker
    Max Flow Rate: 550 gph

    Sea Swirl Wavemaker
    Max Flow Rate: 850 gph

    Sea Swirl Wavemaker
    Max Flow Rate: 1150 gph