Magnesium Test Kit
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    Magnesium (Mg) is present in a high quantity (1.300/1.350 ppm) in natural seawater. Contrary to its (not only quantitative) significance, this element was ignored as an important parameter of the marine aquarium for a long time. 

    In contrast to that we know today that Magnesium creates a remarkable improvement in the growth of calcareous algae and also has a positive influence on the growth of invertebrates and macro algae. 

    The ideal value of Magnesium in the aquarium is: 

    For the seawater aquarium 1100-1300 mg/Lt 

    Because of the importance of Magnesium, it is necessary to keep inside our marine aquariums, the proper Calcium Level, testing it with an accurate test kit. 


    Standard sensibility: 100 ppm of Magnesium ions. 

    High number of test per kit: up to 40 test (with a standard Mg level of 1100 ppm)
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    Magnesium Test Kit$32.99