Digital Aquatics RKM-ALC
Digital Aquatics
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  • Notes

    Multiple Ports
    Serial I/O, 2 x 0-10VDC, 2 x Pod Ports

    Serial I/O Port
    This port is designed to interface with the Aqua Illumiation LED lighting array.

    2 x 0-10VDC Ports
    These ports will allow advanced control of dimmable T5 ballasts.

    2 x Pod Ports
    These ports give the ability to add an additional two Lunar Pods to as system.

    Adapter Kit
    The ALC now includes the switch adapter kit. Which is a 6' cable that you can cut to length to get two individual cables to wire up dimmable ballasts or the Aqua Illuminations LED arrays.
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    Digital Aquatics RKM-ALC$80.00