GHL Profilux II Light Controller
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  • Notes

    A combination consisting of computer and powerbar.
    Suited for the control of light and temperature.
    Not expandable.

    • 8 channel illumination control for dimmable and non-dimmable lamps, herewith up to 8 lamps can be programmed separately
    • Sunrise and sunset
    • Moon phase simulation, calendar-based
    • Cloud simulation through random generator, thunderstorm calculation
    • Rainy days, programmable
    • Feed pause for pumps
    • Control of speed-variable current pumps (ebb/tide and wave simulation)
    • Operation hour meter for lamps
    • Burning-in mode for fluorescent tubes
    • Battery-buffered real time clock
    • PC-interface, LAN and WLAN option, operation with free Windows-Software ProfiLuxControl II possible
    • Connection option for external display
    • Display of reminder texts (e.g. "Filter change!")
    • Control of 4 switchable power sockets
    • 4 clock timer programmable
    • Child protection via PIN-code
    • Simple and intuitive operation, all settings are made in form of interactive dialogues
    • All settings are stored in a non-volatile storage (EEPROM) even during power failures
    • 4 integrated switchable powerbars
    • Temperature sensor not included in delivery
  • Item Description Price Quantity
    GHL Profilux II Light Controller$314.99