GHL Profilux 3eX Mega Pack
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  • Notes

    • Profilux Plus III Ex Controller
    • 6 Outlet Digital Powerbar (PAB)
    • Power Supply
    • GHL Temperature Probe
    • Generic Ph Probe
    • GHL Platinum Condutivity Probe
    • USB Cable
    • Serial cable
    • 2m PAB cable

    ProfiLux 3 Technical Overview:
    • ProfiLux 3 (eX) – control device
    • Powerbar-PAB – digital powerbar
    • Expansion Box – further in and outputs, as well as 5 slots for modules
    • SMS-Module-PAB
    • Dosing Unit-PAB
    • ProfiLux View-PAB (display & operating device with coloured display and touch screen)

    The cable length between two bus devices may be up to 100metres (Nearly 400 feet), wiring in series or star topology (PAB-hub necessary) is possible. This in turn enables the controller to be positioned anywhere you so choose, not restricting it to tank side operation only. Due to the modular buildup, the number of sockets, sensor inputs, 1-10V-interfaces and communication interfaces is nearly unlimited.

    Functions & Features (dependent on the available hardware):
    • Measurement & control of pH-value, temperature, Redox, conductivity (salt or fresh water), oxygen, humidity, air temperature, all sensors are galvanically isolated.
    • Seasonal temperature courses.
    • Automatic calibration of all sensors.
    • Auto top off, automatic water change, leakage detection.
    • Illumination control for dimmable (1-10V-interfaces or DALI) and non-dimmable lamps, calendar-based moon phases, storms, also seasonally variable illumination possible including thunderstorm simulations using the GHL LED sticks and spots.
    • AC dimmable ballast controllable eg Phillips advanced mark 10.
    • Aqua Illumination compatible unlocking the true capabilities of the aqua illumination system.
    • TMC Aqua Ray controllable.
    • 8 x Tunze stream controllable with the addition of a single cable, no Tunze controller required. Tunze wave box controllable.
    • Hydor Koralia 12v controllable using pump control-1 expansion box.
    • Pump control for controllable and non-controllable pumps (see above), different pump groups with different settings, waves, ebb-flow, surge, random, sequences, shortest wave duration 0,4 s, therefore also suited for wave boxes.
    • Dosing pump control, GHL dosing pump systems.
    • Universal timers, shortest switching time 1s.
    • Integrated web-server (display of values and configuration, remote programming), own website can be loaded, compatible with all current browsers.
    • Integrated e-mail-client (sending of e-mails in case of an alarm).
    • PIN-protection.
    • Reminder functions.
    • Optical and acoustic alarm.
    • Feeding pause and maintenance function.
    • Safety functions, e.g. redundant sensors, monitoring of the sensor function, value check.
    • Due to simple software updates (device doesn’t need to be opened for this), always the newest functions are available.
    • Large internal storage for measured values for all sensors, according to the setting, you can store measured values up to several years.
    • Switch-on delay of sockets after blackout.
    • Programmable logic.
    • PC-software available for FREE.
    • 100%-downwardly compatible: hardware of ProfiLux Plus II can be used further on (e.g. expansion cards, powerbars, ProfiLux View II).
    • ProfiLux Plus II can be upgraded to ProfiLux 3, ProfiLux Plus II (eX) can be upgraded to ProfiLux 3 (eX) with an Upgrade-Kit.
    • Connection of external display and operating units (ProfiLux View-PAB) possible, also several to one system.
    • Internal clock keeps on running also during a blackout (Goldcap instead of battery, therefore no battery change necessary).
    • All settings remain also during blackout.
    • Universal analog (0 - 10 V) and digital inputs.

    Hardware ProfiLux 3 (eX):
    • 32Bit-controller – enough reserve of processing power and storage for future extensions
    • Inputs for pH-value, temperature, 2 x level (ProfiLux 3 eX has additional inputs for redox, conductivity and one more level sensor).
    • 2x expansion slots. Infinite further expansion with the PAB expansion box
    • 4x 1-10V-interfaces with additional shut-off signals, dimmable electronic ballasts can be turned completely powerless at 0% (6x for ProfiLux 3 eX ).
    • 2x connections for ProfiLux II-powerbars.
    • LAN (WLAN compatible: if a wireless bridge is used, a wireless connection is possible).
    • USB.
    • 2x ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (PAB)-Interface.
    • RS232-port, to connect a SMS-Module or a ProfiLux View, also suited for the connection to PCs, multimedia controller or house automation systems with RS232.
    • Graphical blue/white display.
    • Robust key pad.

    Hardware Expansion Box-PAB:
    • Inputs for pH-value, temperature, conductivity, Redox, 2 x level.
    • 5x expansion slots.
    • 4x 1-10V-interfaces (6x for ProfiLux 3 eX ).
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    GHL Profilux 3eX Mega Pack$1,298.99