GHL Profilux 3 Ultimate Pack
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    The biggest and most comprehensive pack yet!

    GHL ProfiLux 3 Professional Pack Includes:
    • Profilux Plus III eX Controller
    • 1 x 6 Outlet Digital Powerbar (PAB)
    • 1 x Profilux Touch
    • Power Supply
    • Temperature Probe
    • PC Interface Cable
    • 1 x Generic pH Probes
    • 1 x GHL Redox Probe
    • 1 x GHL Platinum Salinity Probe
    • 2 x 2m PAB Ethernet Cable
    • Calibration Pack

    ProfiLux 3 Technical Overview Functions & Features (dependent on the available hardware):
    • Measurement & control of pH-value, temperature, Redox, conductivity (salt or fresh water), oxygen, humidity, air temperature, all sensors are galvanically isolated.
    • Seasonal temperature courses.
    • Automatic calibration of all sensors.
    • Auto top off, automatic water change, leakage detection.
    • Illumination control for dimmable (1-10V-interfaces or DALI) and non-dimmable lamps, calendar-based moon phases, storms, also seasonally variable illumination possible including thunderstorm simulations using the GHL LED sticks and spots.
    • AC dimmable ballast controllable eg Phillips advanced mark 10.
    • Aqua Illumination compatible unlocking the true capabilities of the aqua illumination system.
    • TMC Aqua Ray controllable.
    • 8 x Tunze stream controllable with the addition of a single cable, no Tunze controller required. Tunze wave box controllable.
    • Hydor Koralia 12v controllable using pump control-1 expansion box.
    • Pump control for controllable and non-controllable pumps (see above), different pump groups with different settings, waves, ebb-flow, surge, random, sequences, shortest wave duration 0,4 s, therefore also suited for wave boxes.
    • Dosing pump control, GHL dosing pump systems.
    • Universal timers, shortest switching time 1s.
    • Integrated web-server (display of values and configuration, remote programming), own website can be loaded, compatible with all current browsers.
    • Integrated e-mail-client (sending of e-mails in case of an alarm).
    • PIN-protection.
    • Reminder functions.
    • Optical and acoustic alarm.
    • Feeding pause and maintenance function.
    • Safety functions, e.g. redundant sensors, monitoring of the sensor function, value check.
    • Due to simple software updates (device doesn’t need to be opened for this), always the newest functions are available.
    • Large internal storage for measured values for all sensors, according to the setting, you can store measured values up to several years.
    • Switch-on delay of sockets after blackout.
    • Programmable logic.
    • PC-software available for FREE.
    • 100%-downwardly compatible: hardware of ProfiLux Plus II can be used further on (e.g. expansion cards, powerbars, ProfiLux View II).
    • ProfiLux Plus II can be upgraded to ProfiLux 3, ProfiLux Plus II (eX) can be upgraded to ProfiLux 3 (eX) with an Upgrade-Kit.
    • Connection of external display and operating units (ProfiLux View-PAB) possible, also several to one system.
    • Internal clock keeps on running also during a blackout (Goldcap instead of battery, therefore no battery change necessary).
    • All settings remain also during blackout.
    • Universal analog (0 - 10 V) and digital inputs.

    Hardware ProfiLux 3:
    • 32Bit-controller – enough reserve of processing power and storage for future extensions
    • Inputs for pH-value, temperature, 2 x level (ProfiLux 3 eX has additional inputs for redox, conductivity and one more level sensor).
    • 2x expansion slots. Infinite further expansion with the PAB expansion box
    • 4x 1-10V-interfaces with additional shut-off signals, dimmable electronic ballasts can be turned completely powerless at 0% (6x for ProfiLux 3 eX ).
    • 2x connections for ProfiLux II-powerbars.
    • LAN (WLAN compatible: if a wireless bridge is used, a wireless connection is possible).
    • USB.
    • 2x ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (PAB)-Interface.
    • RS232-port, to connect a SMS-Module or a ProfiLux View, also suited for the connection to PCs, multimedia controller or house automation systems with RS232.
    • Graphical blue/white display.
    • Robust key pad.

    Hardware Powerbar-PAB:
    • 6x separately switchable sockets each can be loaded with 15 AMP.
    • Current measurement for all sockets.
    • Safety switches in case of a failure of ProfiLux or PAB – sockets then overtake a preprogrammed state (on or off).

    Hardware Expansion Box-PAB:
    • Inputs for pH-value, temperature, conductivity, Redox, 2 x level.
    • 5x expansion slots.
    • 4x 1-10V-interfaces (6x for ProfiLux 3 eX ).
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    GHL Profilux 3 Ultimate Pack$1,698.99