GHL LEDControl4 - Passive
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  • Notes

    LEDControl4 passive converts 4 analog input voltages into 4 pulse width modulated (PWM) signals (Open-Collector), external LED drivers can be controlled by these PWM signals. In order to protect a connected ProfiLux against possible interferences the input circuits and the output circuits are galvanic insulated through optocouplers. In the case of 0% PWM, the transistors are insulating (output is highly resistive), in case of 100% PWM, the output is permanently pulled to minus potential, this behavior can be inverted.

    LEDControl4 passive can produce "flashes“ during a thunderstorm simulation in ProfiLux. During a flash, the PWM-signal is temporarily set to 50%, 75% or 100%, independently from the corresponding analog input. Flashes can be output at channel 1 and channel 2, the flashing behavior can be set.

  • 1 or 2 free 1-10 V-interfaces at ProfiLux
  • LED-lamps which can be controlled via PWM (Open Collector)

  • Connection and Operation:
  • The delivered control lines (Western cables) are at one end plugged into the corresponding sockets of LEDControl4, at the other end they are plugged into free sockets with 1-10V-interfaces (e.g. L1L2 and L3L4) of ProfiLux.
  • The control inputs of the LED-drivers are connected to the delivered screw-type terminal.

  • Settings:

    Please don’t forget to program the corresponding 1-10V-interfaces and illumination channels of ProfiLux accordingly.

    In LEDControl4 you can set the flashing behavior. The settings are made in ProfiLuxControl and are sent via ProfiLux to LEDControl4. The following settings are stored in LEDControl4 and are kept also without operating voltage.

  • Reaction to Flash 1, Flash 2 or Flashes 1 & 2
  • PWM for Flash at 50%, 75% or 100%
  • Output flashes at channel 1 or channels 1 & 2
  • Furthermore the PWM signal can be inverted
  • Additional information you will find in your user manual of ProfiLux.

    Important Hints:
  • Electrical installations must always be made by qualified person.
  • Please pay attention that the used LED-drivers are compatible, currents, voltages and polarity have to be considered, maybe pullup resistors have to be used.
  • Protect LEDControl4 passive from splash water and too high humidity.
  • The non-observance of this manual or the improper use will lead to a loss of warranty!
  • Disclaimer:

    Vivid Aquariums nor the manufacturer take any liability for (consequential) damages which occur through the use of this device.

  • Item Description Price Quantity
    GHL LEDControl4 - Passive$75.99