GHL Pump Control-1 Hydor Koralia Expansion
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    GHL has long been associated with controlling pumps such as Tunze Streams, and now they can add Hydor koralia to the list of controllable pumps!

    The Pump Control-1 expansion box plugs into an available 1-10V interface on the ProfiLux and will control 2 Hydro Koralia 12v pumps in numerous wave patterns.

    The Pump Control-1 is a 2-channel pump controller for 12V-pumps. The shipment includes a cable set for connecting 2 pumps Koralia Nano or Koralia 1 ... 4 directly. This pump controller connects to the ProfiLux and occupies 2 x 1-10V-Sockets. (EG L1L2)

    So now it is also possible to control the well priced high quality pumps from Koralia with the manifold current programs of the ProfiLux! Using 2 Pump Control-1's you are able to control 4 pumps independently - great effects like surge, random waves (and everything else ProfiLux is able to do) can be produced easily.
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    GHL Pump Control-1 Hydor Koralia Expansion$297.99