Nano Super Blue LED Module w/ Power Supply
Aqua Illumination
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    The new AquaIllumination Nano Sol Super Blue utilizes the same core components as the standard Sol Super Blue producing comparable performance, on a smaller scale.

    Product Highlights:
    - Intensity: Capable of producing more light than a comparably sized metal halide system for effective growth of both SPS and LPS corals.
    - Wide Color Range: The white, blue and royal blue LED lamps are controlled independently allowing the color to be adjusted from warm white (approximately 6500K) to deep blue (greater than 20000K).
    - Energy Efficient: Save more than 50% versus comparable metal halide system.
    - Control: With the addition of a Sol Controller or other compatible controller, can be programmed to create realistic dawn-dusk, daylight and moon-light simulations. Intensity is adjustable from 0 to 100%.
    - Upgradeable: Modular design allows the easy additional of more modules or an upgrade to the latest in LED lamp technology.
    - Cool: Temperature controlled cooling system keeps LED's operating at optimal temperature and does not expose the LED's and other electrical components to salt, moisture, dust or dirt. Generates a fraction of the heat of a metal halide system.
    - Lamp Life: With proper care, LED's have a useable life-span of 10+ years.

    Product Features:
    - 12 LED lamps grouped into a bank of 4 lenses or pods each containing one Cree XP 6500K "Full Spectrum" LED lamps, one Cree XP Blue LED lamp and one Cree XP Royal Blue LED lamp. The Cree XP Blue and Cree XP Royal Blue LED lamps help meet the deeper blue light spectrum demands of many reef enthusiasts.
    - Built-in touch-screen controller allows control with the swipe of a finger.
    - External 100V - 240V universal power supply allows fixture to be used on a wide variety of power sources.
    - Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

    Product Specifications:
    - Recommended Tank Depth: up to 36" with proper placement of corals.
    - Recommended Tank Width: up to 18" with proper placement of corals.
    - Power Consumption: less than 40 watts at full intensity.
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    Nano Super Blue LED Module w/ Power Supply$299.99