AquaBlade-P Acrylic Safe Replacement Blade
Continuum Aquatics
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  • Notes

    The AquaBlade cyan blade was created by testing countless different types of plastics and plastic blends. The results are a special self lubricating plastic that is softer than acrylic, so it will not scratch acrylic*.

    Compatibility built-in
    100% Backwards compatible with previous units. AquaBlade scraper fits the old blades, AquaBlade blades fit the old scraper.

    *Acrylic safe blade is necessarily soft and can therefore pick up sand or small bits of gravel if shoved too hard down into the substrate. User should check plastic blade surface periodically by running a finger or thumbnail across the surface. Some aquariums are made from low grade imported acrylic that is extremely soft and of very poor quality that can be easily scratched. User must exercise proper judgement in use and should test blade in an inconspicuous area prior to use to insure compatibility.
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    AquaBlade-P Acrylic Safe Replacement Blade
    Single AquaBlade-M Replacement Blade

    AquaBlade-P Acrylic Safe Replacement Blade
    Two AquaBlade-M Replacement Blades

    AquaBlade-P Acrylic Safe Replacement Blade
    Three AquaBlade Replacement Blades