TIR Lens Upgrade Kit for EcoTech Radion LED
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  • Notes

    EcoTech Marine’s new Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens directs more of each LED cluster’s output directly into in your tank. TIR lenses boost peak PAR levels by up to 45% and total (average) PAR levels by up to 23% — without sacrificing spread or consuming additional power.

    • Installation of TIR lenses will increase the light output from your Radion fixture. 
    • Overlighting your tank may cause damage to inhabitants. 
    • Before starting this process, ensure that your Radion XR30w is disconnected from its power supply. 
    • Place the Radion on a soft surface to protect the cover plate from scratches. 
    • EcoTech Marine recommends the use of gloves during this process to prevent any fingerprints from getting on the LED clusters. Fingerprints could cause a decrease in light output. 
    • Neither EcoTech Marine nor Vivid Aquariums is responsible for any damage caused to the Radion, your aquarium and its livestock, or your property as a result of improper use of the TIR Lens Kit. 
    • Installation of the TIR Lens Kit will not affect your existing warranty of the Radion XR30w
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    TIR Lens Upgrade Kit for EcoTech Radion LED$30.00