Have you noticed something different about us? We're excited to announce that we've taken everything we've learned from the reef aquarium hobby and our customers in the last ten years of business and built a whole new website! We've been quietly working on this site for ten months and we're so happy to launch. We aim to be the most comprehensive reef keeping site on the web. Please browse what's new and share it with your friends. Thank you for supporting Vivid Aquariums. 

1. New contemporary design with bigger, better pictures and all new livestock descriptions.
Dave has personally rewritten new descriptions for all livestock. One big addition is PAR values for all coral. 

2. Vivid Aquariums TV
Over a 70+ short topics organized for easy viewing
Watch Vivid Aquariums TV

3. Build a Tank
Use our checklist to build your custom tank.
 Build a Tank Page Watch Build a Tank Video

4. Updated Filtration Diagram
Use this diagram to understand Build a Tank Checklist

5. Massively Improved 
Aquarium Supplies Section
Videos, Everyday Low Prices and 
FREE Drygoods Shipping Over $175.
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6. Budget Friendly Pages
FREE Livestock Shipping Over $225

7. View Livestock By Region
Easily browse livestock from the Red Sea or any of the seven regions pinned on our map.

8. Vivid Grown Coral
We support aqua culturing.

9. Updated Forum
With this new launch, we'd like to encourage more hobbyists to join our friendly hobby forum.

10. Featured Products
View featured products used and recommended at our store.